Get full control over your livestock & farm’s operations

We understand the challenges you face in the pen. Whether it is mortality rates, excessive antibiotic usage, rising feed costs or labor shortages, Serket can support you, identify these problems, and help you act fast, effectively, and with confidence.

  • the high mortality rate in farms
  • the excessive use of antibiotics
  • animals welfare issues

Serket can help ensure that these challenges are met with innovative solutions to identify problems early on and lead the whole industry to new growth opportunities.

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Piguard is an innovative Livestock Management Software that functions based on image recognition and deep learning algorithms. The technology monitors health status by analyzing the behavioral patterns of your animals.

All in one solution

  • early detect sick animal, limiting the use of antibiotics to only when required

  • Discover abnormal behavioral patterns regarding the social, physical, feeding parameters

  • optimizing farm work by sending the right worker to the affected zone

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Livestock Consulting

Anything can go wrong inside a pig farm; whether it was the lack of skilled workers to detect all health related problems or optimizing your feeding system to get the utmost gains, We can help you!

With just one moving camera we can provide consultations on temporary bases to help you get the situation under control.
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