About US

Inspired by the hardworking farmers who feed the world, Serket is an award-winning technology company that is developing a sensor-free artificial intelligence that uses camera vision to enhance farm productivity and promote the health of individual animals.

By monitoring changes in animal behaviour in real time, we enable farmers to pin-point sick livestock and intervene immediately. With Serket, farmers can minimize antibiotics usage, reduce feeding costs, and lower mortality rates to improve animal welfare and raise healthier livestock.

Our mission is to make agriculture a more natural and engaging industry for generations to come and help feed our future.


At Serket we understand that artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming essential in agriculture in terms of farming efficiency, sales and logistics, and overall productivity. That’s why it’s our goal to help improve the livestock management process by helping to reduce global antibiotics use and day-to-day operational challenges. Our ability to make agriculture a more natural and engaging industry for the next generation can help feed our future, while also strengthening the industry as a cornerstone of a sustainable civilization.

New Ideas Require New Teams

We created Serket to be a great place for all our colleagues to learn, explore, and grow as professionals. We are a diverse and interdisciplinary team of data scientists, design professionals, business experts, and technologists. We are dedicated to inclusion and celebrate the breadth of perspectives, vision, and expertise that are necessary to develop the leading AI® solutions for the farm of tomorrow.