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We understand the challenges you face in the pen. Whether it is mortality rates, excessive antibiotic usage, rising feed costs or labor shortages, Serket can support you, identify these problems, and help you act fast, effectively, and with confidence.

Product overview

Serket's farm management software enables livestock managers understand and gain insights to:

Health Monitoring

Business Performance

Task Management

Feed and Treatment Management

Farm Reports

AI health monitoring

Stay Ahead of Health Changes

Respond quickly and treat or cull sick pigs in your pen before infections spread. Our innovative software, combined with A.I. and camera vision technology not only monitors movement, eating, drinking, and aggressive activity data, but automatically alerts you about problems in real time, 24/7

Business performance

Farm dashboard

Take out the guess work in your farm operation and optimize using our dashboard. The integrated system provides analyzed data points from multiple sources to help you improve your farm operations

Task management

Save Precious Time and Focus on the Essentials

Labor and farm productivity has never been more critical. Our platform can help you to send the right team member at the right time before a problem gets out of control

Farm reports

Forget about old paper documents

Make quick and informed decisions using ready-to-use custom reports

Export your reports as PDF or CSV files

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