AgTech startup Serket brings home the bacon with backing from SVG Ventures | THRIVE

Amsterdam, the Netherlands — Dutch software company Serket is excited to announce SVG Ventures | THRIVE will back them via a Follow-On Investment during upcoming and future equity rounds.  Based on performance and acceptance into the Silicon Valley THRIVE Accelerator Program, SVG Ventures and SERKET have built a strong relationship and share the same vision for the future of agriculture.

This investment provides a significant vote of confidence for Serket and strengthens the partnership to bring both organizational visions to the forefront—to advance the future of food and agriculture through innovation.

“Throughout our 3-month accelerator program, THRIVE was continuously impressed with the performance of SERKET’s team and technology. We are thrilled to be supporting SERKET and their mission to help agriculture feed our future.”
John Hartnett, Founder & CEO – SVG Ventures | THRIVE 

The global livestock health management business developed an innovative livestock monitoring solution to help producers improve the way they check on the welfare of their livestock, thereby solving severe human labor shortages on farms.

Partners, current and future customers, and agriculture communities served can be assured with this agreement that Serket is positioned to solve some of the biggest challenges in the food and agriculture industry.

“We were honored to have been part of the THRIVE Silicon Valley Accelerator Program, which started this relationship.  Recognized as the leader in AgriFood investing, we knew we were going to be given an opportunity to showcase our team and solution.  Post-program discussions have certainly helped in developing an even stronger relationship with the SVG Ventures | THRIVE team.” - Kristof Nagy, Founder & CEO SERKET


Serket is a livestock technology company offering an advanced AI solution that uses camera vision to enhance farm productivity, optimize labor and operations, and promote the health of individual animals. By monitoring changes in animal behaviour in real time, Serket enables farmers to identify sick livestock and intervene rapidly: shrinking mortality rates, reducing feed and veterinary costs, and minimizing the use of antibiotics.

About SVG Ventures | THRIVE

Based in Silicon Valley, SVG Ventures | THRIVE is the leading agrifood innovation and investment platform comprised of top agriculture, food, and technology corporations, universities, and investors. With a community of over 5,000 startups from over 100 countries, the THRIVE platform invests, accelerates, and creates unparalleled access for entrepreneurs to scale globally and solve the biggest challenges facing the food and agriculture industries today. Through THRIVE’s corporate innovation program, the company works with Fortune 1000 corporations to transform their businesses, accelerate their growth, and drive their innovation priorities.

SVG Ventures | THRIVE was named the Most Active Agtech Venture Investor by Crunchbase and the Most Valuable AgriFood Tech Accelerator Program by AgFunder.

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