Grupo Jorge

General Behavioral Monitoring

Pig recognition using A.I. solution approaches.

Grupo Jorge is one of Spain’s largest meat producers with a market presence in the pork meat sector for over 80 years. We have partnered with them for a three-month trial.

The first project includes the installation and monitoring of finishing pens in their facilities. The videos are fed to a server where they are annotated

Serket’s AI/ML system tracks pigs at the Individual-level and their behavioral traits including

  • Eating activity
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Moving activity (walking, standing, lying)
  • Aggression



Monitor the daily activities of the animals (eating, drinking, moving, inactivity) on group level

Increase labor efficiency

Improve the health of the herd

Use Cases

General behavior monitoring

Optimize the performance of the animals and the workforce


Cameras with NVR installed

Lenovo servers


Number of monitored pens : 16

Number of monitored pigs/round : 240 pigs (15 pigs/pen)

Age class : Finishing

Monitoring rounds : continious monitoring


Ongoing monitoring