Heat stress detection

Addressing challenges in Pork production through Artificial Intelligence and Nutritional Supplements for the benefit of Animal Welfare and Sustainability.
"Project Pig Forte".  Pig Forte is set to focus on animal welfare and the profitability of farmers. Serket and Kanters together have defined Project Pig Forte to validate a solution to reduce heat stress of pigs via behavioural analysis and feed supplement intervention resulting in sustainable practices and improved farm productivity.
Furthermore, Serket and Kanters aim to develop an integrated service platform that automatically detects heat stress in pigs at an early stage and provides a targeted response with an alleviating supplement. First, feedback from the behavioral analysis system of Serket is used to tailor and validate the existing Kanters supplement, Aeroforte, for pigs, and second, to optimize it over time for specific farm conditions and pig health. The integrated service platform should yield unique interventions at farm, pen, and pig levels.

The project will have objectives and deliverables including, but not limited to:

  • farm productivity gains
  • Improved animal welfare
  • Reduction in heat stress using Aeroforte feed supplement
  • Development of Serket's solution to detect heat stress