Purpose-built Computer Vision Powered by A.I. for Pig Farmers

Addressing challenges in Pork production through deep learning and image recognition without the use of sensors or tags

An extra eye on your pigs

Truly non-invasive, autonomous livestock monitoring

Leveraging deep learning technologies for multi-object tracking and segmentation

How does it work?

Animal tracking

Standard security cameras track pigs 24/7

A.I. detects behavioral patterns

Our A.I. algorithm analyzes camera streams to detect anomalies

Timely feedback is given to farmers

Based on the detected anomalies, our algorithm provides actionable insights to farmers

Animal Monitoring, A.I. Module

Using regular security cameras and artificial intelligence to identify health, reproduction and environmental changes early on, we translate visual information into actionable data using the largest, most detailed annotated data sets in the world for pig livestock.


Annotated videos


Different farm environments


Camera angels


Different pig breeds

Accuracy Rate

Our trained A.I. module performs between 90-95% accuracy rate when compared to annotated videos viewed by our animal scientists

Scalable solutions for all livestock species

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